Monday, September 20, 2010

Grind Time Now Presents: E Ness vs Iron Solomon

Iron Solomon started the rap cypher claiming that he wasn't gonna spit about E Ness's background or origin. His verse seemed thoroughly prepared if I had to be the judge of it as he brought up his opponent's past in making the band. He tried to imply that the only reason his opposition stayed on the show was because he got into fights because otherwise he wad incapable of making a good song. Iron Solomon also attacked the character of Puff Daddy as well then tried to imply that E Ness was a garbage drug dealer. He compared signing with P Diddy to getting fucked by Lexington Steele and tried to imply that his opposition has food stamps being shipped to his girls house. He also mentioned Puff Daddy's main slogan No Bitch ass ness and accused him of looking up nerdy white battle rapper on Google. E Ness spit his rhymes next and said that if Iron Solomon mentioned anything about his fight with Fred was gonna stick a knife in head. He claimed that his adversary wasn't getting his bread and said he would send him to the white rapper show. He tried to imply that his adversary was a coward and called him a Back Street Boy. He seemed to be taking shots at Andy Milonakis as well and said that his challenger knew he was a problem. He said that 99 percent of the time his his adversary is playing Scrabble and ended claiming to want his spot back. This round of the cypher was a tie in my opinion.

In the second round of the rap clash Iron Solomon went into rhyme and claimed that he feels like he is holding back his true capabilities. He called his opponent Elliot and made fun of his breath and called E Ness a snack and said that he would take a napkin and digest him. He compared his oppositions career to a dead horse and he spit a syllabic lyrical verse. He accused his opponent getting ruined by Bad Boy and claimed to be going easy on his which is probably true this seems like an extra long promo battle. He even accused His opponent of getting hyped up by T rex He called his adversary was an illusion to him and bragged about living boy hood dreams. He ended his verse implying that his opponent was washed up. E Ness then went in to rhyme and claimed that he had a bag full of dust and accused Iron Solomon of riding Run DMC's dick. He claimed that his challenger got hyped up to be the champion and accused him of looking for a companion to go fishing with and go camping. He claimed to have warned Kap Kallous and asked him why he brought his adversary who he referred to as being a cornball. He apparently seemed to be warning about calling his opposition a nigger. In my opinion Iron Solomon won this round of the rap battle.

In the third round of the rhyme battle Iron Solomon seemed to have thought Drect was the one who sealed the fate of this battle when it was really Kap Kallous. He tried to claim that E Ness wasn't getting paid enough to be right in front of him and accused him of working at a seven eleven. He spent most of the time clowning his opposition about his age and focused a good amount of his verse using crowd participation. He even brought up Dylan Dilinjah and Mysonne. He ended his bars by comparing himself to things that set the tone for what are rap culture is based on and told him he couldn't handle HOLLOW DA DON, Aye Verb, Okwerdz, CONCEITED, Dizaster, Madness, Arsenal, Nocando, Math Hoffa, Thesausus, Illmaculate Loaded Lux, jay Millz and Murda Mook. E Ness then went into rhyme and claimed that they call him majesty. He told Iron Solomon can team up with Okwerdz, Dirt Bag Dan, and Soul Khan. He said he had a 9th wonder catalog and said his girls wouldn't even look at his challenger. This round of the classic hip hop duel was a tie.

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