Sunday, September 19, 2010

Grind Time Now Presents: Kaveman Brown vs LSP

Kaveman Brown then went into hip hop battle claiming that you have to beat the man to be the man and didn't hesitate to pull the race card out on LSP in his raps. he implied smacking his adversary and claimed that when he was calling him a fagot he was speaking for the rest of the world. He also accused his rival of cross dressing and his verse was clearly written. LSP then went into spit and said that Kaveman Brown would probably bring up how he apologized in his last battle with his fingers crossed. He claimed that he had Mexican home boys that would run up on his adversary and slice him up and claimed that her daughter pussy tastes like Watermelon. I thought LSP won this round of the rap clash in my opinion and was just a little sicker.

In the second round of the this rhyme battle Kaveman Brown bragged about how he came all the way from Baltimore to get rid of LSP who he referred to as being a rookie. He claimed that his adversary was nervous when he walked through the door and threatened to to leave him into a pile of shattered bones. He told his adversary that he could kiss the ass that his pants are sagging on and claimed that he would send him back to the border line multiple contusions. LSP went into spit and accused Kaveman Brown of having guns but not popping with them. He said that he has a cousin that can find his challenger if he tries to hide and compared him to Syahboy then said he would show up with his six just to make his face blossom. He ended his verse comparing his adversary to a Mortal Combat character. In my opinion this round of the cypher was a tie.

In the third round of the rap clash Kaveman Brown claimed that LSP was talking about sitting on laps and tried to call his girl friend a ho. He had strong racist metaphors and accused his chick of swallowing nuts. He accused his opposition of getting kicked out of his tribe in Argentina and called him a clown.
LSP then went into rhyme describing his adversary's style and called him a chip off the prehistoric block. His verse seemed shorter than his opponent. Kaveman Brown won this round of the rap clash

LSP then went into hip hop battle and claimed that Kaveman Brown was scheduled for two battles that day. He said that he went up in is girls house and had sex with her because his girl since his mother is in charge of the house keeping. He claimed that he'd break his opposition down when he spits and accused him of being from Pikes ville. Kaveman Brown said that he was black and proud then called LSP ashamed of his own race. He called his challenger weak with a treasure troll face. He claimed to have funny jokes and that his rival looks hysterical. Kaveman Brown won this round of the match as well.

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