Saturday, September 11, 2010

Mic Murdaraz T.V. Presents B Pounds vs Dot Com Hosted By Mackk Myron

Dot Com started the rap battle first and said that he was the greatest with the flow and compared B Pounds to Bushwick Bill. He had a lyrical flow none of it seemed improvised. B Pounds then went into the rhyme battle and did't hesitate get on the tumor or hemorrhoid that Dot Com had on the back of his head. He clearly seemed to be freestyle rapping and it made his verse more interactive. This round of the cypher was a tie in my opinion because I seen flaws both of there bars.

Dot Com started the second round of the rap battle and compared himself to letters on baby toys. He said that he was daring B Pounds to try him and claimed to be grimy. He claimed that he could get his adversary's peeps knocked off just by using the phone ande claimed to have a Moss berg in his basement. He claimed that it was time to let little nigga's know who they are facing. I caught him slip up during his raps. B Pounds then went in to spit and told Dot Com to tell his sister to stop calling. He called his challengers girl a cum guzzler who could rock his world and claimed to have two choppers. He accused his adversary's girl of playing him and repeated his last rhyme three times. In my opinion Dot Com won this round of the rap cypher.

In the third round of the rhyme battle Dot Com went into spit about having knives. He claimed that him and his boys would bring his opposition to a backyard and jump him like a trampoline. He claimed that he would punch B Pounds in his mouth and called him a big pussy. He said that was n't a thug but just misunderstood. He also claimed to have a pump and suggested that his adversary leaves him alone. B Pounds then went into rhyme and said that he thought Dot Com was a blood. He accused his adversary's nuts of having blisters and claimed that he doesn't play games. He claimed that the win was easy and claimed to be a real nigga. This round of the rap cypher was a tie in my opinion.

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