Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Guerrilla Warfare: G KiDd vs Jus Daze

Jus Daze went into rap first making a joke about him self first and threatened to stick knives in G KiDd's grandmother. He had some funny Mexican disses as well and threatened to choke him out with his legs. He called his adversary Ralph Wig-gums and compared him to an offspring of Knowledge Medina and Sara Kana. G KiDd then went into spit and claimed that Jus Daze just went through a love phase and basically tried to call him a homo. He compared himself to Jet-Li and compared his rhymes to DIGGZ and Ashwin from Ice Grill. He had funny jokes and referred to as crooked legs. I didn't like the way he finished off his last punchline. This round of the cypher was a tie in my opinion.

In the second round Jus Daze went in to claim that he had a challenge for G KiDd and made fat jokes about his opposition. He compared his adversary to a PMS girl with a bad temper and Joey G. He brought up the fact that he was bow legged again and called his rival a musk rat. He tried to call his adversary a fat punk and a fake thug. G KiDd then went into rhyme and accused Jus Daze of being called the Latin Hulk. He accused his challenger of carrying aids and told him that he served the country better if he enlisted in the army. He accused his challenger of having a hamburger chest and claimed to be 5 foot 9. His last punchline was kind of funny. This round of the rap cypher was a tie in my opinion.

In the third round of the rap cypher Jus Daze brought up the fact that G KiDd shorter than him. He had a thorough lyrical flow when he started making Mexican jokes about his adversary and claimed that he should know better than to mess with him. The rapper referred to himself as a beast that's just too much while claiming to get treated like a boss. His raps were hard and you could feel his lyrics with his hard delivery. G KiDd then went into spit and seemed to have made more knee jokes about Jus Daze. He tried to call this round of the cypher a handicapped match and called him the only child in his family that gets frowned upon. His last punchline was too sick. This round of the rhyme battle was a tie in my opinion.

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  1. FLASH- NJC- ICEGRILL !!!!!!September 16, 2010 at 12:59 PM

    whoever wrote this is a FUCKING RETARD! LMAOOO,,, you evaluate battles horribly. do you even rap or do you just sit behind the comfort of yur keyboard typing how you feel shit goes? lmaoooo.


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