Saturday, September 25, 2010

Rap Battle TV: Smash'ems/Freebase vs. Dextah Dunx/The Poet Trees

Smash'ems anxiously started this freestyle battle first and seemed to have messed up in his verse. When jumped back in he tried to imply that his adversary's were fagots and Freebase mad gay jokes as well. Smash'ems then went in to say that everybody knew that Dextah Dunx was a queer. Dextah Dunx then went into the cypher cursing at his two challengers then The Poet Trees went in and said that Freebase had never seen a pussy. Dextah Dunx accused Freebase of becoming a contortionist so he could lick his own penis and The Poet Trees cursed at Kat. He ended his verse admitting to be fat. Dextah Dunx and The Poet Trees won this round of the freestyle battle in my opinion.

In the second round of the freestyle match Freebase went in and she light on the fact that his partner had a broken arm. He claimed that his opposition was the reason that fourteen year old girls carry mace. Smash'ems tried to say his opponents weren't entertaining. Dextah Dunx accused Freebase of eating lubed anus and accused them of being fagots again. The Poet Trees seemed to think Smash'ems looks like a life sized elf. Dextah Dunx and The Poet Trees won this round of the cypher in my opinion.

In the third round of Freebase claimed Dextah Dunx and The Poet Trees stepped up there relationship. Smash'ems claimed to have t shirts older than his opponents. Smash'ems claimed that he should take The Poet Trees writing pen and stab Dextah Dunx in the throat. The Poet Trees got on his challenger vagina hair and called Smash'ems an ass hole for swearing in front of little kids. Dextah Dunx was going sick and sometimes wasn't saying anything good but he was funny. Smash'ems and Freebase won this round of the cypher.

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