Saturday, September 25, 2010

PutUpOrShutUp Presents: The Wrist vs. Mondo

The Wrist started this freestyle battle first apologizing that he had to use Mondo as a door mat. He even was talking about how hip hop was like when he was growing up and claimed that emcees be biting off of Thesaurus. He claimed that he didn't even feel like he was rhyming. He told his adversary to crawl back into the club that he came through. I was impressed by his good display of lyricism even though he was free-styling. Mondo then went into spit and claimed that The Wrist was confused and compared him to a guy that looks like a guy that doesn't know how to divide. He messed up then said that his adversary is like a bad buzzard flying high. He reminded the crowd that he was spitting off the top and called him a four eyes. He said that his challengers sneakers look like slippers. The Wrist won this round of the freestyle match up in my opinion.

In round two The Wrist claimed that rhyming against him was something that you really need to think through. He seemed to have made an educated guess that Mondo didn't know what he was getting into and accused him of being jinxed. He then started to get real lyrical and promoted his own album. He referred to his adversary's music as junk and compared it to pigs flying and tried to say that his flow was old. Mondo then went into rhyme and claimed that he really had to clown The Wrist. He had a lot mess ups. He made fun of his opponent's eye brows and pants. The Wrist won this round of the cypher in my opinion.

In the third round of the rhyme battle The Wrist called Mondo worse than a no name. He then got lyrical and syllabic again. He claimed that he rather die then to hear his opposition spit another verse. Mondo then went into spit against The Wrist and was a bit better during this round of the cypher. Towards the end he kept on saying I don't know which really ruined it.The Wrist won this round of the lyrical battle in my opinion.

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