Monday, September 13, 2010


J-ZE started the rhyme battle first claiming to feel well respected and said he might be able to help CYPHER if he feels like it. He had a truly cocky delivery and you could tell he thought he was the shit. He claimed that if there was anyone frail in his adversary's squad he would detect them and told him if he was feeling like a frog then he should leap. He compares his flow to resident evil and said some one should have left his opponent a tip. The man accused his adversary of being a fan of Vanilla Ice and compared his girl to Bo-jangles. CYPHER then went into rhyme claiming that he felt sorry for J-ZE and accused him of under estimating him. He claimed to be the wrong one for his adversary to try to spit a verse at and called him a bitch. He accused his opposition of having a glass jaw. He seemed to be freestyle rapping and was saying anything. J-ZE won this round of the rap clash in my opinion.

In the second round of the rap clash J-ZE went into rhyme and talked about his own woman calling her smooth. He tried to call CYPHER chick ugly. He said that he would strap a bomb to his opposition and compared himself to a total gym. The man also compared him to Peter Griffins cheek bone and stated that he had was real confident. CYPHER then went in talking junk about the peeson behind J-ZE being disrespectful and seemed to be freestyle rapping. He countered his challengers statement and got the crowd rolling but his rhymes were inconsistent. J-ZE won this round of the rhyme battle in my opinion.

In the third round of this cypher J-ZE claimed that he would make a sloppy crime occur and claimed that he loves beef. He compared himself to brother man from Martin and claimed that he was begging CYPHER to save the drama. He tried to call his opponent a fag and called him softer than Mercedes seats. He ended with a lyrical delivery and accused his rival of trying to his him up with water guns. CYPHER then went into spit and said he wasn't down for battle rapping. He said that he had a gun waiting for him at his car and he was messing up but I've seen worse he held it down. J-ZE won this round of the rhyme clash in my opinion.

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