Monday, September 27, 2010

KOTD - Bender vs 24/7

Bender started his verse claiming to be raised by the wolves and warned 24/7 that he should have stayed close to his Shepard and said that he figured he would murk him at his own game and let the baby have his bottle. He claimed that he wanted to make this cypher a classic like Illmatic and claimed he had a plan to end his adversary's career. He told his opposition that he was officially dismissed and asked him how he had a New York sound. 24/7 started his verse against Bender and seemed to be referring to himself as Cameron. He also made refernces to Big L first album Life styles of Da poor and Dangerous and had age jokes for his adversary as well claiming that he was a thirty year old up and comer. He claimed that his challenger wasn't a threat even though he is undefeated and brought up the fact that he was 21. He ended by claiming that him and Organik signed his DNR. This round of the match was a tie in my opinion.

Bender then went into the second round of the cypher talking about 24/7 mothers tattoo's and claimed the tough talks a joke to me and that he wasn't swinging. He asked what his opposition was thinking and compared his rhymes to under age drinking. He even claimed that he offered his oppositions girl friend a lift in her rental and tried to imply that his adversary is a skateboarder. 24/7 then went into rhyme and seemed to be making fat jokes on Bender. He told his challenger that he really needs to vacate and compared his opposition to Aliyah's plane. He had way too many quotable punchlines i'm probably gonna put it in my 24/7 won this round of the rhyme battle in my opinion.

In the third round of the cypher Bender accused 24/7 of being on his third loss in a row and accused him of being like Surgeons hand before you put the gloves on. He accused his adversary of getting little to no love in the Dirty South and tried to imply that he doesn't struggle. He claimed to have seen friends die for nothing and claimed to have done things that his opposition hadn't done. 24/7 went into rhyme and made fun of Bender's style of rap and said that he would leave him like The Fresh Prince of Bel Air's jacket. He claimed that he would cancel his opposition and said he would turn him into a brake light. 24/7 won this round of the rhyme cypher in my opinion.

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