Friday, September 10, 2010

StreetWars 6: Dropz vs ZyonTheKing

ZyonTheKing started his round off saying that Dropz looks a little bit off shade and sick in the face. This rapper seemed to have everything delivery and was smooth with putting rhymes together. He claimed that the cypher was bad blood and said that people call him sick with the pen. He said that his opposition tries to spit but no one feels him and ended by saying that he would cut his voice box and leave him talking like Darth Vader. Dropz went into this round of the rhyme battle with no hesitation. He claimed that ZyonTheKing was a rookie of the flow that he perfects and tried to imply that he was not respectable and had the reputation that he wish he had. His delivery was thorough too but personally these two rappers kind of had the same kind in my opinion no disrespect to them but nothing really stuck out to me and there rhyme style was extremely similar too. He claimed that his challenger was a jester in his kitchen. He claimed that his adversary didn't really deserve the name that he was using. Dropz won this round of the battle because his punchlines hit a bit harder.

In the second round of the cypher ZyonTheKing then went in and said that he would step on his opponent to get by. He claimed that Dropz didn't have more buzz than he does and told him that he better call cops if he runs up in his spot. He told Grind Time his opponent was the scary version of Cobra Ky and bitch made. He said that he would never put his adversary on a mix tape. Dropz then went into spit his verse and called ZyonTheKing an internet rapper. He accused his challenger of making there generation look bad and told everyone to look at his website because he could tell that he was bitch made. He claimed that his adversary had had bad music, no fan base, and said that he logged on to his page. He said that his opposition was rap battling just to have a tryout process. Dropz won this round of the lyrical battle in my opinion.

In the third round of the rap clash ZyonTheKing went in and said he should whoop Dropz's ass and asked him how far he expects to go when he uses his rebuttals against him. He said that his adverary only had thirty views on YouTube in which counted for ten of them and said that he had been studying his movements. He called his rival a bitch and claimed that it was nothing to prove it. he basically tried to call his opposition a skinny frail punk that he could whoop on. He implied that he isn't an internet thug at the end of his first and got in his adversary's face. Dropz then went into this rap cypher and said that ZyonTheKing is a failure. He said that he would sodomize his opposition's mother and had a few things to say about his girl. At the end of his bars he welcomed his opponent to Street Wars. I thought his verse was kind of short so this round of the cypher was a tie in my opinion.

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