Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Evil Poets Society Presents: Tactmatic Vs Sunny Black

Sunny Black started the cypher with a freestyle verse asking Tactmatic if he was suppose to battle him. He was just describing his freestyle flow but I think he should've had a written verse. He claimed to bust shots like semi automatics and was really going off subject with his rhymes. He mentioned the fact that his raps were spontaneous. In my opinion he was just saying anything. Tactmatic then went into rap next and asked Sunny Black why he was so serious. He also asked his opposition why he's wearing a camouflage hat in the middle of the city and implied that his opponent came for the free food. He claimed that his adversary was a lier and making things up.

Sunny Black then went in against Tactmatic to rap and said claimed that he was starting off at the start and said that he brings the flow. He claimed to be the hardcore and straight raw. He claimed to bring the weapon and claimed that he had the knife to stab his opposition. I lost him after a good amount of bars because he had started saying anything. Tactmatic then went into spit against Sunny Black and said something about style free and freestyle rapping with style. He claimed to have lyrics that make him gifted and told his challenger to pull his hat down over his head. Tactmatic won this round of the cypher in my opinion.

In the third round of the freestyle clash Sunny Black went into spit and said Tactmatic can't come as hot as him. He said he was ripping his opposition like a tissue and said couldn't get beat down because he is cold blooded. He compared himself to terminator. Tactmatic then went into spit and claimed to be flexing his thumb and talked about how his opponent was rhyming was no rhythm and was basically saying nothing as well. This round of the freestyle battle was a tie in my opinion

Get YO GRILLZ on! Many styles to choose from!

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