Saturday, September 11, 2010

Mic Murdaraz T.V. Presents L Boog vs Cash Eatin Hosted By Binxta B

L Boog explosively started the off the cypher first and said that he can't be stopped. He claimed that when he hits the industry he'd be gong straight to the top and called his own raps dope. He said that he would leave Cash Eatin like a Yoga class and compared him self to Stringer from The Wire and said that his adversary wasn't pitching and was broke. Cash Eatin then went into the rhyme battle to compared his flow to two barbells and claimed to be the new R Kelly. He accused L Boog of coming to the cypher in a ashy T-shirt and told his adversary to smack his opposition with Budlight. He claimed that his adversary isn't on his level and couldn't be on his level. He claimed to be on his grind and made fun of the liquor his adversary drank. This round of the rhyme battle was a tie in my opinion.

L Boog told Cash Eatin in the second round of the rap cypher to slow down because he was going to fast and compared himself to beer. He compared himself to a poetry class and said he was about to go at his adversary's ass. He claimed that him and his home boys be showing off fly stuff and said that his adversary was just a worker while claimed to be a rap game manager. Cash Eatin then went into rhyme next and described how he'd shoot L Boog. He claimed to have checked his oppositions background and tried to imply that his raps were s lie. He claimed that everywhere he goes he blows all the way to Tennessee. Cash Eatin won this round of the cypher.

In the third round of the rhyme battle L Boog went into spit and said he could tell when he looks at Cash Eatin that he is a square. He said that he didn't care what his opposition was talking about and said that he would be facing an L. He seemed to be freestyle rapping and was pretty thorough with it. Cash Eatin then went into spit and said he had love for all of Michigan. He said that L Boog had three weeks to write his rhymes and claimed that he himself was freestyle rhyming. He brought up the fact that he was a blood and seemed to be saying he knows cats who put in work all day like a 9 to 5. Cash Eatin won this round of the rap clash.

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