Thursday, September 16, 2010

Rap Battle TV: Stot vs. J Rukus

Stot wrnt into rap claiming that J Rukus thinks he is a bad guy and claimed that he was nothing to mess with and claimed that he would slit his adversary's neck. He made homo allegations of the man as well and made fun of the mans swagger and accused his girl giving him head then said that he think being in the lab is science class. J Rukus then went into rhyme and said he was pretty sure everyone was tired of hearing Stot's bogus claims. He claimed to spit crack and said he'd hurt his rival bad. He claims to late night creep with his oppositions girl when he goes to work. Stot won this round of the rap battle in my opinion.

In the second Stot went into this round of the cypher and said that J Rukus lacks punchlines or metaphors. He called his adversary'd bars hesitant and said he would take his respect if it wasn't given to him. He told his opposition that he wasn't live or raw and claims to like beef. J Rukus then went into rhyme implying that Stot was scared of his click and implied cut him with his sought off. he claimed that he raps everyday and said that his rival didn't have the luck of the Irish. Stot won this round of the rap clash in my opinion.

In the third round of the cypher Stot went into spit and said that J Rukus thinks he is good even though he is far nicer. He compared his rival to a diaper rash and called him trash with his battle verse. His flow was thorough when he described his guns. J Rukus claimed that Stot thought he was winning and he said that his opposition be fronting and doesn't really get cash. He claimed that his challenger was a snitch that calls the cops. Stot won this round of the match in my opinion.

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