Monday, September 20, 2010


KILLER ZEEK started this lyrical battle paying homage to Lil Nay and Lil D first claiming that it was stupid for MURDA to have accepted a battle with him. He accused his adversary of shooting in the air towards the end of his verse he choked. MURDA then immediately went in to rhyme and said he tried to chill from battling and said that his mix tape is way long overdue. He claimed that KILLER ZEEK would lose before it even starts and told him that he knew it was true and spit about flame throwers. He accused his adversary of selling parking spots and then started insulting his adversary's whole family. MURDA won this round of the rhyme battle.

In the second round of the street cypher KILLER ZEEK told the man behind the camera to tell him he was drunk when he set up the match. He accused MURDA of being food and said that he had Lil Wayne bullets. He claimed to be the best and said that his rivals groupies got silent. MURDA then went into rhyme and said that KILLER ZEEK was the type to fight over love. He claimed that he doesn't spit nerdy shit and compared himself to Cedar block. MURDA won this round of the street battle in my opinion.

In the third round of the lyrical clash KILLER ZEEK then went into rap and called his advesary a bolt cutter. He claimed that he was feeling like Taye Rock. MURDA then went in to rhyme claiming that he didn't think his opponent was hard. He claimed that every thing his adversary was spitting in his raps were unbelievable and accused him of being ugly. He said that he knew gang members that would handle his opposition and said that he says what he wants and seemed to be daring his opponent to hit him. MURDA won this round of the rapping battle in my opinion.

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