Friday, September 17, 2010

Got Beef? Presents: Chase vs Sprungy

Sprungy started this lyrical match with his drunken rap style asking if any one had ever seen Chase in a green hooded sweater and claimed to be the best even when he isn't sober. Later on proceeded to compare him to Lariken and then tried to say that his album was poor. Chase went into rhyme and claimed to have respect for Don't Flop and the UK. He seemed to be describing Sprungy being fat in a lyrical fashion and said that he should search his adversary for his Visa. He accused his adversary of strapping hot dog to his chest. Chase won this round of the lyrical clash in my opinion.

In the second round of the competition Sprungy went in and brought up a valid point about being able to lose his weight and Chase not being able to grow an inch. He accused his adversary's last lyrical cypher of being a disgrace and tried to imply that he was married to Lariken. Chase then went in to defend himself and said that his adversary was a fagot. He called his adversary's first round a disgrace and claimed that he was spits off the top. Chase then went into rhyme and accused decoy of ordering Sprungy a male order bride. He also tried to accuse the man of looking like a rapist and tried to call him an England criminal. This round of the live event was a tie in my opinion.

Sprungy started his verse against Chase and seemed to nonchalant about the whole thing. He then messed up and admit to having a cunt. He really was saying anything and was barely rhyming. Chase then went into rap against Sprungy and said that he heard his adversary's track about Amsterdam. He accused his opponent of stealing bags of ham. He then compared his adversary to a jar of eggs and called him unaccepted. Chase won this round of the lyrical clash in my opinion.

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