Thursday, September 9, 2010

DON'T FLOP DOUBLES QF - Chris Leese/Disciple Vs Innuendo/Odie

Innuendo and Odie started there verse seeming to have rehearsed there lines already. They delivered there bars with a clever rhyme scheme going back and fourth for each lyric. Innuendo then went in and called his opponents fagots that will never win. He put rhymes together thoroughly in this round of the rap clash and Odie said that the only did that the only decent dis that Disciple has is the first three letters of his name. Innuendo made fun of Chris Leese's music. Disciple then went into rhyme during this first round to spit his verse for his team. He called Odie a whack fake and an over rated rapper to come out of Liver Pool. Chris Leese said that it was obvious that his adversary modeled his style. Disciple said that Innuendo likes to eat lots and the both ended there verse for there team calling him Michael and telling him that he will never be on his level. This round of the rap clash was a tie in my opinion.

In the second round of the cypher Innuendo brought up history about Disciple from what it seemed and Odie called him extra skinny and accused him of inspiring crack whores to diet. He even claimed Chris Leese's mother gave him head yesterday and Innuendo then said he would knock him off of his high horse and leave him slumped on the saddle. Odie then jumped in and cursed at him then called him a honky. Chris Leese then went into spit and was rapping like a lyrical court jester, he reminded me of a clown. He claimed that after the cypher him and his opponent would go home and burn some weed. Disciple claimed that he would have Odie gong home a nervous wreck and said he would eat him at his wits. This round of the rap cypher was a tie in my opinion.

In the third round of the rhyme battle Innuendo went in and accused Disciple of being a minute man. Odie went into rap and tried to say that Chris Leese was too scared to talk junk in his face. Innuendo the went in to rhyme and messed up. Disciple started the verse for his team cursing at Odie and tried to say his mother jokes weren't very funny. Chris Leese said that Innuendo is getting sick and said that all the other kids use to think that he is a bitch. Disciple accused his opponent of not having any real friends and tried to call him whack. Chris Leese and Disciple won this round of the rhyme battle based on consistency.

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  1. I am currently sat here with Disciple...he thinks you are a cunt. we are just wondering why describe the battle moment by moment when the video is also posted below.

    and also why be alive!

    I have just re-read my comment in order to ensure my point has come across. As you seem to like stating the obvious; I thought I would give a commentary on my comment...basically I think you are a tool and your talents would be better put to use if you were dead.


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