Sunday, September 12, 2010


HI-FASHION started the rap cypher first and told the crowd to tell them if JMATICS is good. He tried to imply that his adversary wasn't a savage goon and compared his adversary to Conceited's earrings then implied that Heartless was a fat nigga from Stockton. He compared his adversary to Eminem's number one fan Stan and claimed that he seen his adversary walking. He also said that his opponent can't freesetyle and said he was wearing purple like people from his hood. He claimed to be mis understood and seemed to be coming off the top. JMATICS then went into spit accusing HI-FASHION of being dead wrong and tried to imply that he was bringing a knife to a gun fight. He tried to imply that he flew to Los Angeles to battle a whack nigga who be walking and accused him of sipping on wine cooler while be popping bottles. He accused his rival of wearing Apple Bottom Jeans and then choked up. HI-FASHION won this round of the rap clash based on consistency.

HI-FASHION spit his verse claiming that gutter hit him on the cell phone and was surprised to find out he was battling a dude from Stockton and said that it wasn't even the bay area. He accused JMATICS of living with both of his parents and not being able to come out. He accused his adversary of becoming the biggest bitch in the jungle. He tried to use Conceited, Heartless, J Fox, Grind Time, Url aka Smack and King Of the Dot. He claimed that his opposition claims to be on twitter talking about going to record labels and seemed to be dissing Luciano Crack. I'm mad he said i'll Jew you like a Nazi What The Fuck. JMATICS started to rap saying he ain't never hear of HI-FASHION's bars and said that he was freestyle rapping. He threatened to knock his challenger out and make it a TKO but he ran out of things to say and never finished his verse. HI-FASHION won this round of the rhyme battle in my opinion

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