Thursday, September 9, 2010

Got Beef Presents: Willis vs Sporatik

Sporatik started the rap clash and his verse seemed to be so memorized that it's not even funny claiming to have information about him online that was posted by an unidentified witness. He then said something to Willis about begging his lines for forgiveness then all of a sudden choked and forgot his lines. He then picked back up and remembered his rhymes again and accused his adversary of going to a boarding school. The end of his verse was freestyle and I must say that he didn't have much of a delivery this round. Willis anxiously went into the rap cypher spitting straight lyrical and said he rather have cancer than to search for Sporatik's band online. he said that his adversary is the type to be a background dancer for Marylin Manson. He called his opponent the whack-est man alive and said that he never faced a crew that he wasn't related to. He ended his bars saying fuck battle rap and claimed that he took this as a promo stunt. Willis won this round of the cypher no question.

Sporatik then began to rap in the second verse and tried to imply that his opponent needs his mates to provide him compliments. He then tried to freestyle and claimed that a spectator was talking over him and tried to say that Willis can take a dick in his mouth. He told his opponent that his rhymes were coming off the top of the dome and told him that he needs to leave Taz battles alone. Willis claimed that he would put Sporatik's head on a stake and called him a pest in this game. he made incest jokes on his opponent as well and told him to go back to his apartment with 6 fingered hands. He accused his adversary of thinking he was a battle Mc just because he's on YouTube and said that his adversary is the worst. He called his challengers writtens whack and said he'd bet they sound bad on the track. Willis clearly won this round of the rap cypher in my opinion.

In the third round of this cypher Sporatik called Willis music tracks hopeless then he started to give up but everybody cheered for him to keep going so he started to spit a freestyle. He told his adversary that to basically go and suck a fat dick. He said that he would send him back to Sydney and made up words after a bit. He ended his verse saying something about how he could rip the flows. Willis went into rhyme next and seemed to be threatening him to leave Sporatik a black eye. He called his adversary a faker and claimed that he was gonna brake him. He had more incest jokes on his challenger and told his adversary that he should practice. He accused his adversary of shouting out the name of the album that he is recording now. Willis won this round of the rap clash.

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