Sunday, September 26, 2010

No Coast Battles: Hindu Rock vs Special T

Special T started the rhyme battle first calling Hindu Rock lame and accused him of not repping his city. He tried to call his opponents rhyme pattern straight out of high school and accused him of looking like a rapist. He also brought up his oppositions loss in the Don't Flop league. This mc claimed to have battled Roadblock, SamIAm, and lyricool. Hindu Rock then went in to rhyme about Special T's girl friend who's name is supposedly Alley Peters and claiming that he wouldn't let her stand next to him. He accused his opposition of battling handicapped people to what it seemed and claimed that he got paid to slaughter his opponent. He brought up the time that Elfamail pointed out his adversary's herpes sores. This round of the cypher was a tie in my opinion.

Special T then went into spit and claimed that Hindu Rock looks like he goes to sleep in a trash can and dates a woman who has man hands. He accused his opponent of forcing all of his rhymes and said that people who buy hisalbum feel bad afterwards. He said that if he spits with his opposition in a two on two match thext he would look him in the face and tell him that he beat him the day before. He claimed that his rival uses the N word as well. He said that his oppositions girl friends name is Sandy and his ex girlfriends name is Cassandra. He ended his verse by telling his opposition not to say the word nigga unless he put the word sand in front of it. Hindu Rock then went into spit and claimed that he seen Special T 's battle against lyricool. He accused his challenger of showing his tattoos and fake gold. He accused his adversary of being a republican that dates his own father and accused him of being racist . Hindu Rock won this round of the cypher.

In the third round of the match Special T wasted no time comparing Hindu Rock to Dr. Robot-nick from Sonic the hedgehog. He tried to accuse hip hop of dying from trying to transform into something his opposition. He compared his opponent to an instrumental dropping and asked him if he smokes Hindu rocks. He made racist jokes about his opposition as well. Hindu Rock then went into counter Special T and talked about his store. He added a bit more to his performance by throwing his hat and sunglasses on the ground and stomping on them. He ended his bars cursing at his adversary and welcoming him to No coast. This round of the tournament was a tie in my opinion.

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