Wednesday, May 12, 2010

DON'T FLOP - HinduRock Vs Tenchoo

Tenchoo started this round the match off. Tenchoo was sick and he was funny as hell. Tenchoo had some crazy starting punchlines. Tenchoo was pretty dam sick with spitting syllabic metaphors. HinduRock's delivery was more aggressive and his punchlines were straight.HinduRock had a sloppy rhyme style when he was spitting his verse The London rapper surprised me because he beat HinduRock in the first round this is a first in my book.

In the second round of this UK vs USA rap match up Tenchoo started it with fierce punchlines and syllabic rhymes. Tenchoo had funny ass Hindu rap jokes. HinduRock was straight during this round of the match up and his punchlines weren't bad. HinduRock's closing statement made the crowd interact with him more than the rest of his verse. This round of the rapping battle goes to Tenchoo. That boy can rhyme

When the third and last battle hit Tenchoo started off with an iron fist of metaphors. Tenchoo proceeded to talk about HinduRock's record of the rhyme battle. HinduRock had a few hot metaphors and punchlines that went over peoples heads.HinduRock did better this round. Tenchoo won this battle and that's for sure.

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