Thursday, May 27, 2010

Vague presents King of the Ring AR16 vs LIXX

LIXX started the rap battle off telling Grind Season thank you he was straight his rap delivery was hot but his rhymes were somewhat elementary. AR16 had a few hot punchlines in this round. AR16 had an aggressive delivery with hot punchlines. AR16 won this first round of the rap cypher.

LIXX brought up some information about AR16 and I don't know if it was factual or not but it sounded hot. AR16 had a loud delivery and better punchlines but my favorite was when he said, "your a down south nigga a georgia peach". AR16 won this round of the MC cypher

LIXX stepped the bar up with his old Italian tales aka mafia tales when he spit his verse. AR16 came back and hit him with a straight verse nothing special. LIXX won this round of the cypher

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