Thursday, May 20, 2010

Scott Style Ceez versus Gasp

Ceez started the first round of the rap battle with some straight punchlines. Ceez had a rap verse that lacked the punchlines and delivery that his opponent had plus the end of his verse sucked. Gasp had some sick rap bars. Gasp had the crowd reacting after the first punchline. Gasp won this round of the rhyme battle based on punchlines and his syllabic rhyme flow.

In the second round of this rhyme battle Ceez's rap verse hardly any reactions.Ceez rap verse made me wanna go to sleep. Gasp went sick in this round of the rap battle. Gasp is a funny dude when it comes to rapping. Gasp pulled out all the stunts and tricks for this round of the battle acting like a Television announcer. Gasp was a more creative rapper in this last round of the rhyme bout.

In the third round of this rhyme cypher Ceez tried to keep up with his opponent but he was corny. Gasp a sick MC with crazy metaphors. Gasp stepped his lyrical abilities up even though he didn't need to and ended up crushing his opponent Ceezto win this last round of MC cypher.

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