Friday, May 21, 2010

Donovan versus Chad the Lad

Chad the Lad started the rhyme cypher he was pretty good and consistent with his freestyle rap verse. Donovan spit a garbage freestyle verse. Chad the Lad did't spit anything special but he ripped Donovan and won this round of rap cypher.

Chad the Lad went sick during this round of the rhyme cypher. I like Chad the Lad's syllabic rap style when he started. Donovan spit another wack freestyle verse. Chad the Lad won this round of the cypher.

Chad the Lad started the third round rhyme battle out not so good. He seemed to be free styling and running out of things to say. Donovan was even worse he wasn't making any sense and had nothing to say.Chad the Lad body bagged this rhyme battle.

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