Thursday, May 6, 2010


In the first round of this rhyme battle HEARTLESS started this rhyme battle straight hard a disrespectful middle finger. People in the background were complaining about the volume of his presentation.He sounded loud enough to me. HEARTLESS had ill punchline in this first round without a doubt. SHOTGUN SUGEs verse was more hype and in you face and it he got at HEARTLESS harder and he had a lot of punchlines they had to make him stop because he would have kept going.

In the second round of this rhyme battle HEARTLESS was crazy and had some real hot rap bars. SHOTGUN SUGE went hard and had some real fire. SHOTGUN SUGE made the battle more interesting when he call conceited out.SHOTGUN SUGE seemed hungrier in this round of the battle and he brought up some good points. SHOTGUN SUGE won this round of the battle with no question.

In the third round of this battle HEARTLESS had some good punchlines in the beginning. SHOTGUN SUGE had some nice punchlines but his delivery is what took this round of the battle to another level. HEARTLESS was a dope lyricist as well but when it came down to it his delivery wasn't as tight.

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