Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Grind Time Now Presents: Rival vs DeastroDollar

Rival started the first round of the rhyme battle. Rival had some straight rhymes. Rival started off funny buy but lost momentum real quick. DeastroDollar was full of charisma and his punchline delivery out shined Rival. In my opinion DeastroDollar won this round of the battle.

In the second round of this battle Rival started his verse off with a point that I disagreed with. Rival started with a little momentum but ultimately he fumbled when he was spitting his rhyme verses. DeastroDollar stayed consistent during this round and he had killer punchlines and was just an all around better M.C. DeastroDollar won this round of the battle.

In the third round of the battle Rival slipped up again. DeastroDollar maintained his composure and consistently had real good punchlines but his delivery is what took him a step over the other M C. DeastroDollar won this round of the battle.

Footwear etc.

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