Thursday, May 13, 2010


HITMAN HOLLA started the first round of the rhyme battle and brought up a good point when he first started spitting. HITMAN HOLLA had better lyrical skills in this round of the battle. HITMAN HOLLA put his rap verses together more smooth, fluently, and almost seemed to have rehearsed his verse. CORTEZ's verse sounded harder and more grabbing. CORTEZ seemed more disrespectful and personal when he was rapping. CORTEZ won this round of the battle based on harder hitting punchlines

In the second round of this battle HITMAN HOLLA had a ton of people in the crowd that were stunned. HITMAN HOLLA had the crowd on it's toes with his lyrical abilities. HITMAN HOLLA stayed consistent and had some nice punchlines that were moving. CORTEZ continued to spit rhymes and punchlines that seemed more personal if anything else. CORTEZ kept on chopping HITMAN HOLLA down with his hard hitting bars. CORTEZ had harder rhymes during this battle but his rap style and the way he put together words was a tad bit shakier.At the end of CORTEZ's verse they had to make him stop he still had more rhymes to spit CORTEZ won this verse because his lyrics were more ruthless.

In the third round of this battle HITMAN HOLLA may have upped it a little bit but his rap scheme seemed to be the same. HITMAN HOLLA had a thorough rap performance and his lyrical skills and delivery were admirable.CORTEZ continued to hurt HITMAN HOLLA those rhyme hay makers.Cortez continued with the ruthless bars and won this round of the rap battle.

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