Saturday, May 29, 2010

Grind Time Now Presents: Kidd W.I.T.E vs Gladiator

Kidd W.I.T.E spit a hard rap verse in round one. Kidd W.I.T.Espit those syllabic raps in round one with some hard punchlines. My favorite punchline that he said was when he said, " his bars get stronger and stronger like when he charges his phone". Gladiator started this battle with a slick punchline about how Kidd W.I.T.Es mother is really his father. Gladiator had a funny ass ending in this round of the rap clash. Gladiator won this round of the rap battle by a little bit.

Kidd W.I.T.E had a sick rap verse and punchlines about. My favorite punchline he made was when he said something about Gladiator popping his trunk. Gladiator had a whole bunch of slick catchy metaphors as well.Gladiator seemed to have slipped up during spitting his verse My favorite rhyme from Gladiator was his ending when he mentioned the Catholic priests. Kidd W.I.T.E won this round of the rap battle.

Kidd W.I.T.E started this rap cypher with syllabic rhymes. Kidd W.I.T.E said a crazy nice punchline about humping Gladiators girl in the mouth and leaving her tongue hanging out. Gladiator won this rap cypher based on his punchlines and delivery.

In the fourth round of the rap battle Gladiator spit with a syllabic rhyme style. Gladiator had straight punchlines. Kidd W.I.T.E continued with his syllabic rhyme style.The rap cypher was a tie in my opinion.

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