Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Chicago Battlegrounds Vol. 3: Oxymoron vs Ill Boy Kaine

Oxymoron started the rap cypher off hungry when it came to battling. Oxymoron had some ill punchlines and his rap flow was syllabic.Ill Boy Kaine held his weight rapping in this round with hit tight rap flow and delivery switched his voice up like Lil Wayne's in the middle of his rap verse. This round of the rhyme cypher was a tie in my opinion.

Oxymoron was a way thorough lyrycist and had mad clever punchlines. Oxymoron stepped it up brought fourth his rap punchlines to another level and just when In thought it would be the best rap verse of this round and there wouldn't get any better. Ill Boy Kaine spit his rap verse and had some of the best metaphors of this round of the rap cypher.

Oxymoron started this round of the rhyme cypher with a few tricks up his sleeve. Oxymoron pulled out all the stops with is thorough lyricism. Ill Boy Kaine was a good lyricist and had a more spontaneous rap delivery. Ill Boy Kaine won this rap cypher by a tad bit more.





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