Sunday, May 2, 2010

DON'T FLOP - J Toker Vs Double Deuce

Double Deuce started off in the first round of this battle. Double Deuce was fumbling and losing consistency at times but he wasn't bad. Double Deuce had a few funny rhymes in the ending. Double Deuce was forgetting his rhymes which was anything but good. J Toker could was better prepared more consistent during this round no fumbles with punchlines that were just as good. J Toker got this round without a doubt.

Double Deuce forgot his verses in the second round. Double Deuce ended the battle with a fast rap verse and an offensive come back. J Toker was the better rapper in this round of the battle . He was more consistent and didn't mess up.

Double Deuce seemed to be running out of things to say. Double Deuce was bragging about his genitalia when he was rhyming. I don't know if Double Deuce was joking or not but he said he could turn a straight dude crooked. J Toker came in and spit his verse and won this round of the battle easy.


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