Friday, May 7, 2010

KOTD - GPR3 - Arcane vs Charron

In the first round of this battle Arcane started off putting Charron's business out there. Arcane said that he called Charron to speak business but he gave the phone to his father instead of trying to business for himself.I was almost certain that Arcane won this round of the battle. Charron totally flipped the script on Arcane in this round of the rhyme battle. Charron made a bunch of old people rap jokes. Charron killed Arcane in this round of the battle .

In the second round I would say that Arcane stepped it up a notch because he realized that kid was better than he expected. Charron really got to Arcane when he made rap jokes about that dudes little sister in his rhymes. Charron told Arcane to watch his mouth in the middle of his verse whichich I thought was dis respectful and uncalled for it didn't make him look any better. Charron beat Arcane in the second round of this battle

In the third round of the battle Charron was 100 times more animated in his rhymes but he lost momentum. Arcane had some good punchlines as well. Now this round of the battle was a tie in my opinion.

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