Monday, May 24, 2010

360 Justice vs Madness Thesaurus 720P MASTER

In the first round of this rapping battle Justice started out with a syllabic rhyme style. 360 said Madness can use a hula hoop as a tight belt. that was the first punchline that got my attention in the beginning. Justice wasn't bad he was straight during this first round of the tag team rap battle. Madness started his rap verse with an aids remark. TheSaurus had some offensive rap rhymes. 360 and Justice won this round of the rap battle.

Justice tried to make fun of TheSaurus for taking rap battling as a career and his daughters first words. 360 and Justice had a ton of fat jokes when they were battle rapping. 360 tried to call his opponents flat faced. Madness started the cypher off talking about how young Justice looks. Madness had a syllabic rhyme style when he spit his rap verse. Madness accused 360 of practicing incest. TheSaurus spoke on how he battled Justice over a year ago. 360 and Justice won this round of the rap clash in my opinion.

In the third round of this rap cypher Justice started this round of the cypher by flipping the age card back on his opponent and talking smack about Thesaurus's daughter. 360 said Madness looked like some little boy from the movie 2 and a half men. Justice finished his verse comparing TheSaurus to Dirt Bag Dan. TheSaurus started the rap clash off in this round talking about how Justice had an affair with 360's facial hair. 360 and Justice won this round of the rhyme battle as well.

In the last round of the rap cypher 360 started the TheSaurus started his verse the rap cyfer off spitting fire. TheSaurus spoke on how he makes a living off rapping. 360 started his verse off with a syllabic rap style. Justice had racial raps he accused Madness and Thesaurus of being Italian and Sicilian and said the best thing that they can do is make pizza.

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