Monday, May 17, 2010

Grind Time Now presents: Marv won & Quest Mcody vs Soul Khan & Dirtbag Dan

In the first round of this rhyme battle Soul Khan & Dirtbag Dan seemed to be a match to compete with they were very intimidating to me because I know what these guys are capable of. These two MC's were more intimidating looking then they actually were. Marv won & Quest Mcody held down for sure. Marv won & Quest Mcody were the better freestyle rappers in the first round of this rap battle.

In the second round of the cypher Marv won & Quest Mcody continued to kick Soul Khan & Dirtbag Dan ass. This was another spontaneous round where both of these rappers said some of the most unthinkable. This round was an extremely incredible display of mic skills. These Soul Khan & Dirtbag Dan had alot of fat jokes in his raps. Marv won & Quest Mcody came with jewish jokes in their rhymes. Marv won & Quest Mcody won this round of the rhyme bout.

In the last round of the rap cipher Soul Khan & Dirtbag Dan brought up the fact that rapper Marv won was on the MTV Reality Show Made. This plan back fired on them and I can't at all say that it did them any good really. Marv won & Quest Mcody ended the rhyme cypher holding up a tape I'm not really sure what was on the tape but it must've been something special because it had the whole crowd amazed. Marv won & Quest Mcody won this round of the rap match up.

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