Thursday, May 20, 2010

Grind Time Now presents: Absyrd vs Sketch Menace

Sketch Menace started the cypher with fat man jokes on his opponent. Sketch Menace went sick talking about how he is the reason for all his Youtube views. Absyrd is pretty good lyricist but he seemed to have less crowd reaction. Sketch Menace won this round of the cipher based on his harder hitting battle raps.

Sketch Menace went sick on Absyrd when they were rap battling. Sketch Menace was a whole lot more spontaneous in his raps. Absyrd was made in to a joke of during this round the cypher big time. Absyrd messed up in his rhyme verse and stuttered Absyrd held his own but he was less entertaining to the crowd. Sketch Menace won this round of the lyrical cypher.

In the third round of this rhyme bout Sketch Menace continued with the hard hitting punchlines. Sketch Menace called Absyrd Ralph Wiggums with down syndrome. Absyrd had a ton of dead punchlines. Sketch Menace won this round of the rap battle.

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