Tuesday, May 11, 2010

AHAT.tv Rap Battles: Fats vs Grinda (rematch). AHAT.tv Rap Battle League

Grinda startedd this round of the rhyme battle. Grinda is a sick MC with super funny lyrics. Grinda was on a roll towards the end of his rap verse the ref had to stop him. Fats was trying to say that Grinda couldn't come up with enough money to battle. Fats was straight when he spit his battle raps. The best thing about Fats was his rap delivery. Grinda had better rhymes during this round of the battle the only thing Fats seemed to be doing was saying his punchlines with a lot of expression. Grinda won this round of the battle.

Grinda started rapping immediately after Fats finished his rap verse Grinda hopped in and did his thing his rhymes and punchlines were official. Grinda seemed a whole lot more skillful when he was rapping and had more of a personality. Fats spit his rap verse again with a a lot of passion. Most people would just define what Grinda was doing as senseless yelling but he had a few average metaphors This round of the rhyme bout was a tie.

In the third round of this rap battle Grinda started off with a ton of confidence. Grinda was a little more fluent with putting rhymes together in this round of the rap battle. Fats came super hard and aggressive in this round of the rhyme battle and . I didn't like how Grinda acted real childish showing little to no sportsmanship at the end of Fats rap verse. This round of the battle was a tie.


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