Monday, May 24, 2010

KOTD - Lokust vs The Poet Trees

Lokust started the rap battle off. Lokust had a smooth rap flow to listen to, It was syllabic. Lokust had a crazy rap ending when he reffered to trees getting struck by lightning. The Poet Trees was a slick rapper and and had references to moses and battle rapper soul khan and a smooth ending. Lokust won this round or rhyme cypher.

Lokust started out by rapping about how ugly The Poet Trees's girl is. Lokust made fun of The Poet Trees for having a song about pokemon and continued spitting syllabic rhymes. Lokust ended his verse with a reference to South Park. Lokust messed up at the beginning of his rap verse. The Poet Trees also had syllabic word play but not good enough. Lokust won this round of the rap clash.

In the third round of this the cypher Lokust started out making jokes about The Poet Trees 's weight and size and continued to spit syllabic.In Lokust last he basically told The Poet Trees to upload the King Of The Dot videos on time. The Poet Trees had a one punchline that was funny as hell when he mentioned Lokust's girl sounding like a calling duck. The Poet Trees came hard to win this round of the hip hop battle was a tie.

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