Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Grind Time Now Presents: ItsWhatever vs Decibel [TRYOUT]

ItsWhatever started the rap cipher first. ItsWhatever was a great lyricist and had a crazy nice rap delivery. Decibel apparently had some girl in the back round cheering for him in the back round most likely a family member when he spit his first rap verse I agree with that move totally. Decibel spit some hot fire in his rap verses.Decibel won this round of the rap battle.

ItsWhatever started the second round of the rhyme cypher. ItsWhatever ended the rhyme bout with a disrespectful last punchline talking junk about Decibel's girl. Decibel countered ItsWhatever's punchline's with a straight comeback. Most of Decibels rap verse wasn't that hot he was straight. ItsWhatever won this round of the rhyme bout.

In the third round of this rap match up ItsWhatever ended this rap battle with a bang. ItsWhatever had more hard punchlines and an energetic rap delivery in this round of the rhyme battle. Decibel held his own during this round of the battle but I think he may have been letting his girl gas him up a little bit too much because he was straight. ItsWhatever won this round of the rap cypher.

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