Tuesday, May 4, 2010

DON'T FLOP - Innuendo Vs Profanity

The first round of this battle was started by Innuendo. Innuendo was real good at rhyming with syllabics. Innuendo was a truly talented and skillful M.C.. Profanity was thorough too. Profanity did an equally good job during his verse of this rhyme battle.

Innuendo was the better M c in this round of the rhyme battle too. Innuendo was sick at rhyming with syllables. Innuendo had hard hitting punchlines and stayed consistent. Profanity ran out of things to say and started saying anything until he stopped in the middle of his rhyme verse.Profanity finished his verse pretty smoothly after his long pause. Innuendo won this round of the rhyme battle.

In the third round of this rap battle Innuendo went hard and had truly clever punchlines. Innuendo came with his A game once again. Profanity was fumbling on his rhymes again. Innuendo won this round of the battle again without a doubt.


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