Sunday, May 16, 2010

KOTD - HarshZ vs Feta

In the first round of this rap cypher HarshZ started it off. HarshZ's rap flow was't bad but it wasn't good neither,It was straight real soppy. HarshZ seemed like he's got something going and if he keeps working to perfect it he'll have some hot bars in the future. Feta started the battle off with a slick funny rhyme approach. Feta had a ton of funny punchlines about HarshZ's mother. Feta was also better at making syllabic rhymes go together. Much props to HarshZ starting the rap battle Feta won this round of the rap battle

In the second round of this rap battle HarshZ started off with a staight punchline. I get the first point of the verse that HarshZ spit but still it wasn't all that great. Feta started off with thorough punchline in regards to HarshZ breast feeding. Feta won this round of the rhyme cypher.

In the third round of the rhyme battle HarshZ made his rap flow sound real old school I like it he just needs to learn how to get it together and make it sound better. Feta won this round of the rhyme battle because he just kept hitting with harder rhymes.

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