Thursday, May 13, 2010

Got Beef? Presents: Dirtbag Dan vs Decoy

In the first round of this hip hop show down Decoy started the battle. Decoys rhymes were decent. Decoy had maybe one good punchline in this round. Dirtbag Dan had hotter punchlines and were way more interactive. Dirtbag Dan was the better Mc in this round of the battle.

In the second round of this hip hop matchup between two witty MC's Decoy started off by saying mad respect. Decoy was more of a syllabic rapper in this round of the battle. Decoy was a tad bit funnier this round when he was rapping but he kept stuttering. Dirtbag Dan was funny as hell when he a was spitting and had plenty of clever metaphors. Dirtbag Dan won this round of the rhyme battle.

In the third round Decoy began rapping with no hesitation and jumped into the match and started spitting his rap verses. Decoy made the best point of this whole rap square off and his last punchline was thorough.Dirtbag Dan continued to hit Decoy those hard lyrical disastrous punchlines Dirtbag Dan won this round of the lyrical matchup.

In the fourth round of this battle Decoy started off not too bad. Decoy had a few laughs from his rap verse during this round. Decoy was on the money when he said Dirtbag Dan looks like Santa Clause. Dirtbag Dan flipped this verse over on Decoy and won by a tad bit more. Save Money on Autos!

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