Monday, May 24, 2010

Grind TIme Now Presents: QP vs Soul Khan

Soul Khan set this rap clash off with the first hit in the rhyme battle. Soul Khan was more of a syllabic rapper and his first punchline some of the most creative punchlines I'm gonna hear this week. Soul Khan had a crazy closing statement in this round of the rap battle. QP focused on making racist punchlines during this first round of the rhyme battle. QP had a racist ass finisher that was hot but it wasn't hot enough. Soul Khan won this first round of the rap cypher.

Soul Khan was going sick with the word play you needed a straight jacket to stop him. Soul Khan spit some hard bars. Soul Khan said some more of the best punchlines I heard this week. Soul Khan had height jokes on QP and his crew. QP continued to make racist punchlines. QP went hard on talking about the nose of Soul Khan. I didn't really understand QP's last verse. Soul Khan won this round of the cypher.

Soul Khan had sick punchlines and even brought reports on his opponent QP to show that his opponent was a lier I seen him holding the folder and the papers but I didn't really see the report so you never know if they were real or not. QP tried to come with the race raps again but they just weren't getting him leverage enough to get a win. Soul Khan won this round of the rap clash

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