Saturday, May 8, 2010

DON'T FLOP - Loki Vs Nity Gritz

Nity Gritz started this battle Loki started rhyming first. Nity Gritz started the rhyme battle basically trying to say that Loki is over rated. Nity Gritz had nice word play and got pretty nice at rapping with syllables from time to time. Loki proved his theory wrong and had a whole lot of reaction from the crowd. Loki truly held his own during this round of the rap battle. This round of the battle was a tie.

Nity Gritz was kind of dry and dull during this round he totally lost his momentum by this round. Loki seen the opportunity to smash his rap opponent and leaped on it. By this round Loki seemed to have won the crowd over completely. Nity Gritz must've said something that upset the people around him. In my opinion Loki won this round of the battle.

In the third round of this round of this rhyme bout Nity Gritz stepped his bars up and he was straight sick with making all of his syllables rhyme. Nity Gritz crowd reation was way better this round of the battle. Loki still had better punchlines in this round.

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