Friday, May 21, 2010

Grind Time Now Presents: LeeHustle vs Brixx Belvedere

LeeHustle started the first round of the rhyme cypher. LeeHustle went hard his rap delivery was sick and I liked the ending of his verse better. Brixx Belvedere had hard punchlines without with not as strong of a rap delivery but his delivery wasn't as aggressive. This round of the rhyme cipher was straight.

In the second round of the rhyme cypher LeeHustle showed how hungry he was by calling out all the known rappers. Brixx Belvedere continued with the tough battle raps and punchlines. LeeHustle's rap verse was more of an in your face rap battling verse. This round of the cipher was hard to call so I would have to say it was a tie since both of these rappers were good in different strong points.

In the third round of this Grind Time battle. LeeHustle continued with his aggressive rap delivery. LeeHustle came with a strong combination of punchlines and metaphors as well as an insane delivery. Brixx Belvedere had spit rhymes that were a tad bit better from an intellectual stand point, he had deep metaphors This round of the battle was a tie as well.

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