Saturday, May 22, 2010

No Coast Battles: deadBeat vs Old Man (money battle)

Deadbeat started the rap cypher. deadBeat was thorough I liked his punchlines. Old Man sucked in the first round of this rhyme battle. deadBeat had a crazy good ending when he spit his verse. Old Man was staigt up lame in this round of the rap cypher. Old Man had height jokes on deadBeat but it didn't do him any good. He was either trying to freestyle or he forgot his rhymes. deadBeat won this rhyme cypher body bag.

In the second round deadBeat continued to do his thing. deadBeat kept on rapping with his light hearted rap delivery. deadBeat tried to flip it and go syllabic with his battle raps. Old Man stepped his rap game up and showed just how good an MC he is. I must say Old Man was a whole more fluent with his rhymes during this round of the cypher. Maybe he was a better rapper than I thought. This round of this rap clash was a tie in my opinion.

In the third round of rap match deadBeat stayed consistent and kept on rapping just as good as he did in the previous rounds. Old Man ended his rap verse with a jaw dropper. Old Man fell into the same slump he was in during the first round of the cypher. deadBeat won this round of the rap clash.

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