Saturday, May 15, 2010

Grind TIme Now Presents: Killa B vs Diligent

Killa B started the first round of the MC cipher. Killa B started off with thorough punchlines.Diligent spit some hot bars as well Diligent tried to get on Killa B for his yellow shirt. The first round of this rhyme cipher was looking like a tie.

Killa B spit his verse in the second round when the crowd died down and tried to say Diligent resembles R Kelly. Killa B was holding it down then he stumbled it's a shame because he really could've won. Diligent stayed consistent and had one good punchline about Good times. Diligent won this round of the rap battle.

Killa B had straight lyrics in round three. Killa B didn't stumble and he kept on rapping but his bars weren't that hot. Diligent brought those crazy hot bars this round. Diligent had a stronger crowd reaction and his punchlines were hot. Diligent won this round of the battle.

Diligent started this round of the rap battle and his raps were straight in this round. Diligent had some good syllabic raps in this round of the cipher. Killa B had more crowd reaction and hotter punchlines in this round of the battle. Killa B won this round of the cipher.

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