Friday, May 14, 2010

Grind Time Now Presents: Illab vs PT

PT started the first round of this battle and PT was ready off the rip and held it down. His lyrical skills weren't so bad. PT spit a straight rap verse. PT had a more harder in you face rap style while Illab was more light hearted and funny. Illab countered a few of PT's earlier punchlines and mother jokes.Illab was on a role until he stopped to ask how much time he had left Illab and PT tied it up this round of the rap matchup by a very little bit in my opinion.

In the second round of the battle PTseemed to have stepped his game up dring this round of the matchup the only thing was he had in my opinion was that he sounded too much like Cassidy. PT's rap verse ending in this round of the rhyme bout wasn't so smooth to be spitting written verses. Illab seemed a whole lot more spontaneous when he spit his raps. Illab more interesting to watch when he was rapping. Illab was messing up and slipping up in the middle of his battle verse which evened the rap battle out. This round of the rhyme battle was a tie as well.

In the third round PT stepped it up a notch and had way more punchlines and bars to spit for days. PT kept on spitting with his Cassidy rap style that was a tad bit unique but not that much and he had some hot punchlines. Illab seemed to be way more spontaneous and off the top with freestyle rhymes. Illab killed this round of the rap cipher even though he started to mess up it wasn't that noticeable. PT was just too 1 dimensional and stuck on spitting Gangsta raps therefore I would have to say Illab won this round of the cipher.

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