Wednesday, May 19, 2010

RBTV - Big C vs. Hilltop

Hilltop started the rap cypher off but at first it was hard to hear his rhymes while people were talking. Hilltop did his thing and stayed consistent and fluent and on time with his rhymes. Big C seemed to have a cheesy rap flow and rap delivery that didn't seem real or genuine by any means. Big C was straight at rhyming though.

In the second round of this rhyme cypher Hilltop was crazy with the rap delivery and syllabic rhymes. Big C couldn't quite hold his own in this rap cypher I would say. Big C seemed to be trying so hard to freestyle but it didn't seem to work for him even though he was good . I would have to give this round of the rhyme battle to Hilltop.

Hilltop went in with the rhyme skills and heavy lyricism and Hilltop also had those hot punchlines. Big C was straight in his last verse of this here rap cypher but not good enough.

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