Saturday, May 1, 2010

Grind Time Now Presents: Ice'alino vs Godzilla

Ice'alino started the battle with crazy hot punchlines and metaphors in the first round. Ice'alino was a beast he totally held it down. He started off making a reference to rapper surgeon General. Godzilla managed to go a tad bit sicker but he had a hyper rhyme flow. Godzilla won this round of the battle by a tiny bit.

Ice'alino went hard in the second round as well and he was funny as hell. Ice'alino called out Chicagos own as well. Ice'alino finished his verse off making disrespectful comments about Chicago's Own. Godzilla focused on making jokes about Ice'alino and his skin color. This round of the round was a tie in my opinion.

Godzilla had some crazy lyrics in the third round. Godzilla got a little bit more syllabic with his rhymes. Godzilla barely beat Ice'alino in this last round of the battle with hard metaphors and animated flow.

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