Friday, May 14, 2010

Rap Battles: Illegal vs Nov. Las Vegas Rap Battle League

Illegal started the first round of the rap cipher and was holding it down at first but he messed up in his rap verse. His rhyme verse during this round wasn't that good. All I heard was some dude in the background say, "fuck that nigga battling" then Illegal choked. Nov spit fire in this first round of the battle. Nov had hard some ass punchlines and closed out with a slick comment about Illegal's girl. Nov won this round of the cipher.

Illegal killed the verse this rap cipher when he said referred to Nov as being a life sized treasure troll that metaphor seemed some what relevant. Illegal's lyrical ability's was truly shown in this round of the AHAT battle. Nov seemed to have stepped his rhyme delivery up in this round of the cipher. Nov's biggest strength was in his rap delivery but his bars were straight. Illegal won this round of the rhyme cipher.

Illegal was a tad bit witty during this round of this lyrical cipher. Illegal spit those lyrical rhymes and he had a few good points but his last rap verse was filled with quotable rhymes. Nov was going hard with his rap delivery and he had staight punchlines.This round of the rhyme cipher was a tie.

Nov jumped right in when it was time to jump into the lyrical battle. Nov went hard in this and striked his opponent Illegal with a bunch of battle raps. By this round it seemed that Illegal had choked and lost this battle. Nov was just too consistent.

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