Monday, May 3, 2010

Got Beef? Presents: Sprungy vs Greeley

Sprungy started off the battle in the first round. The crowd got a little too hype over Spungy's first punchline. His first punchline was wack to me. Greeley ripped spungy in this first round. Greeley had an in your face approach to rapping and his rhymes were dope.Greeley won this round of the battle in my opinion.

Sprungy started the rhyme bout off wit his funny British accent. Sprungy seemed to be coming off the top of the dome free styling. Greeley was going sick his rhymes were better and his finishing statements and syllabic rhyme flow just seeled the deal during this round. Greeley won this round of the battle.

Sprungy messed up during his rap verse. Sprungy did pretty good to be drunk but the results is all that matters. Geeley had much better rhymes than Sprungy. Sprungy won this round of the battle hands down.

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