Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Grind Time Now presents: Dizaster vs A-Class

In the first round of the bout. A-Class held it down he had real hot punchlines. A-Class kept the crowd on it's toes with his rhymes. A-Class seemed to have set the bar with his first verse. Dizaster's rap delivery is what made his rhymes sound a little better. His lyrics were way more racial oriented and I think that's also what upped the bar and made the battle more interesting and his punchlines were a tad bit more ill.This first round of the rhyme battle definitely goes to Dizaster .

In the second round of this rap match up A-Class kept the crowd on it's toes and spit hot fire. A-Class really focused on how good Dizaster is at battling but how bad he is at rapping on a beat. Dizaster made a joke out of himself when he referenced Osama Bin Laden but it didn't make him look bad. Dizaster's punchlines were a lot stronger than A-Class and his delivery was over bearing. Dizaster won this round of the rhyme battle.

In the third round of match up A-Class seemed to becoming off the top of the dome with his rhymes. A-Class had a lot of hard bars in the third round and held it down. Dizaster started his verse of the rhyme battle with racial slurs in his punchlines. Dizaster even used a quote from Gran Torino. Dizaster won this round.

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