Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Rap Battle: K.O.N. vs Franchise.

K.O.N. started the rap match and his punchlines had the crowd laughing with his first verse. K.O.N. had me with that elaborate punchline he made about Tiger stripes. K.O.N.'s ending was crazy smooth. Franchise was a good lyricist with a liver delivery but his punchlines didn't hit hard enough. K.O.N. won this round of the battle.

K.O.N. went hard towards the beggining of his rap verse. K.O.N. tried to up his rhyme delivery and maybe be a little more spontaneous, it seemed like he was freestyle rapping but anyways it didn't help him he choked and made a flop in the middle.Franchise stayed consistent and tore K.O.N. up and lost in the last round of the battle

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